The Rapid Enterprise Development Process

Improved performance turns on better strategy, better team alignment, and better execution. RED™ helps optimize all three.

The RED™ Process

Assessment stage

Select the RED TEAM

RED begins with a 30-day assessment and evaluation phase. We help the CEO select the RED team (the senior executive team plus a group of key leaders including directors, frontline employees, rising stars and board members where appropriate). A typical RED team is 20-30 people and at times exceeds 60. A broad team is crucial for at least two reasons: diverse views combined with vigorous debate results in better decisions, and broad acceptance is the single best means of achieving alignment around strategic imperatives.

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pre-summit Assessment tools

During the assessment and evaluation phase each RED team member will complete a Strategy Sketch for the business and a psychological inventory, which enables us to create a performance profile for the team.

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Strategy Summit

Strategy in just 48 hours

The insights gained in the 30-day assessment stage enable your RED consultant to design an intensive 48-hour Strategy Summit to be held over three days. Assertions are surfaced and tested in fast-paced, structured discussions of the most important issues facing the company. The Strategy Summit is designed to ensure the RED team finishes with a clear set of strategic objectives, complete alignment around those objectives, and a well-defined execution plan.

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Turning strategy into execution

Build Alignment and an actionable execution plan

Strategic imperatives and action plans are loaded into a custom-designed REDMethods web portal to ensure transparent and focused execution. Quarterly in-person strategy resets ensure your strategy reflects any changes that occur in the environment and that your strategy is continuously being tested and refined.

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RED™ is different. Its pacing is more suited to today’s business cycles, and it provides insights into people that are unmatched. I recommend the process to any CEO who believes that their organization can be better.
— Steve Walker, Chief Executive Officer, Walker Information