Compress the strategy cycle

build strategy in days instead of months

Gone are the days when companies could spend weeks or even months defining strategy. Today's great strategies are developed quickly and interactively through a constant interplay of strategic insights and tactical actions. Because RED compresses the strategy cycle, companies can manage their strategic objectives as aggressively as they manage their numbers.

Get more people involved

leverage the knowledge and expertise of a broad team

The more minds you have working on a problem the better the solution — if you get the process right. RED not only taps the knowledge and expertise of senior executives, it involves opinion leaders from sales, marketing, finance, engineering, operations and services. This broad representation from all the major departments and disciplines ensures that strategies are tethered to the real dynamics of markets and customers. In this way, people from throughout the company become co-creators and owners of the strategy.

Create a tight feedback loop

test key assumptions, iterate fast

The best strategies evolve quickly to incorporate new information. Great strategies are built on a foundation of facts and sound analysis, but necessarily rest on assumptions — and invariably some of those assumptions will be wrong. A great strategy embraces this reality by explicitly identifying and then, through execution, testing key assumptions. With RED, the results feed back into the strategy, with course corrections and adjustments that take advantage of new information. The process is fast paced but disciplined, and over time becomes part of a company's DNA.

We accomplished more in the three-day RED™ session than we would have in six months on our own. That kind of speed is crucial in a technology space moving as fast as ours does.
— Richard Hearn, CEO, Razorfish Platforms