Building strategy builds alignment

real team building

We're not big fans of "climb a rope and Kumbaya" team building. Great teams, whether in sports, the military, or business, are created by four things: (1) an intense passion to achieve a specific goal; (2) a shared vision on how that goal can best be achieved; (3) a fundamental mutual trust in the abilities, perspectives, and intentions of teammates, and (4) great coaching — which challenges the group to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday. We call the process of building these qualities into an organization alignment. A critical goal of RED is to drive alignment at all levels of the organization.

TAIS team assessment

performance based assessment

A key tool we use to build team alignment is the Test of Attention and Interpersonal Style (TAIS). Originally developed for Olympic athletes and military commandos, TAIS profiles the real performance characteristics of individuals and teams and provides specific, pragmatic feedback on the kinds of mistakes a particular team is likely to make, and a roadmap for how a team can best improve alignment and performance.

Receive actionable feedback

Well in advance of the Strategy Summit, each RED team member will complete the TAIS and receive a 26-page report on their unique performance profile. Individual profiles will be combined into a team profile that will be used to identify key levers for performance improvement.

RED™ helped us remove silos and organize around our customers instead of geography—providing us significant savings and doubling our growth rate.
— Kent McClelland, CEO Shamrock Foods