A comprehensive, proven system

Most companies are capable of achieving much more than they believe. 

Our job is to help make that happen. To do that, we apply a process we built and refined as we worked with scores of companies over the past 15+ years. Our Rapid Enterprise Development system (RED) is built on concepts proven in environments as diverse as large multinationals, high-growth tech firms and elite military units. RED develops strategy, builds team alignment, and creates a framework for accountable execution — in days instead of months.

Expert guidance from former CEO's

We're not your average, run-of-the-mill consultants. We're experienced operators, just like you. 

We are former CEO's of public and private companies, large and small. We have launched products, restructured operations, opened new markets, reduced costs, and overcome business challenges. We've done this across industries and geographies, having run organizations in more than 20 countries. So we know something about the realities of running a business, the pressures faced by leaders, the need to be decisive and fast - and how an outsider can help.

RED™ had an immediate impact on our business, enabling us to adapt quickly, ensure communication, and keep everyone headed in the same direction ... critical for a company that has grown from $10 million to $1 billion in 12 years.
— Mike Doyle, CEO, Surgery Partners, Inc.

RED™ works

An analysis of the financial performance of our clients shows an average increase in earnings of 108% in the first year following the adoption of RED - and the earnings improvements continued throughout the entire three-year time period of the study.  

Net Profit



Strategy is the logic that drives action. We help each client build, iterate and test their strategy framework. This allows teams to focus on the 20% of the activities that generate 80% of the results.

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RED includes a comprehensive assessment of the expanded leadership team and forces a deep analysis of alternate strategic paths. Team members test assumptions, evaluate alternate scenarios, and align around the most important strategic imperatives.

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Execution is just as important as strategy - without execution, even the best strategy will fail. RED uses state of the art execution processes and tools to ensure that what gets decided gets done.

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RED™ Process featured in MIT Sloan Management Review

RED Strategy Group founder Keith McFarland explains how evolving best practices in software development can be applied to vastly improve strategy development.